Tips on Choosing the Best Water Cooler

A water cooler is a necessity for offices and homes. Use the practical tips we mentioned below when choosing an excellent model to make your shopping productive and simple.

Consider a free-standing water color since it is more practical as well as can save much space. Generally, this model would take about 100 to 200 square inches of area. Also, they have cylindrical or rectangular shapes. Its shape and size make them simple to fit in almost any room. You could also place it at the corner. On the contrary, counter-top models would use up a considerably big amount of area on your counter and it would be harder to fit too.

You should figure out if you would require a water cooler that has hot water features in advance. Numerous buyers are amazed with the concept of having a warm water to make hot drinks and cool water as well. In reality, when you could could boil water fast with the electric kettle, then you don't have to pay additional money for coolers that have two-fold functions. Yet, models which could dispense both hot and cold water might be more cost-effective eventually.

Furthermore, search for water coolers which work with various sizes of bottles. This can make you more flexible in terms of purchasing supplies. You would be sure that you'll have the ideal level of water in order to suit your needs any time. It would best when the model could work with two, four and five-gallon bottles.

Opt for models with reservoirs made of stainless steel. This is ideal for preventing you to have the so-called plastic taste from models with a plastic reservoir. Items that has a stainless steel reservoir aren't much costlier, but they could contribute considerably to the water's quality in your office or home.

A water cooler with filtration is highly recommend. Well, it is a fact that they are more expensive, but you would enjoy pure and fresh water without the contaminants all the time. Look for those models which filtrate bacteria including Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Finally, you must ask regarding the cool water's temperature when purchasing water coolers. It is a fact that various models produce water that has various temperatures. You have to make certain that you will get a water which is neither too warm nor too cold. Remember that the water's temperature could not be adjusted by the users so you need to be very careful when you buy water cooler.